My thoughts on the NF HOPE Tour

general 10-10-2023

I was at the NF Concert in Hamburg a few days ago (the 5th October). It was my first ever concert - that I can remember at least. I got the tickets for the concert as my birthday present and needless to say, I was pretty excited.

I went to the concert with my bother, his girlfriend and my two sisters.

The concert was really great, even though NF wasn’t that well that day and the concert had to be ended sooner than expected. The staff was like “You need to go now, we’re converting the stage right now”, everyone just left and we thought it was only a break and the concert will continue after they are finished converting the stage. It didn’t. We waited an hour. 😅

After the concert we went to the Airbnb we rented and played some Mario Party while listening to more NF, of course.

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The next day we got ourselves Döner and Lahmacun (nutritous and delicious, yes yes 😋) and went Hamburg sightseeing. I really enjoyed every moment of it and I really felt God’s presence and blessing throughout. It was an amazing day.

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One thing I found kind of disappointing was that the bass was really loud while drowining the vocals and the more quiet instruments. I understand why they did it like that, so that you can really feel the music, but it was still sad.

My practicing of the lyrics was all for nothing. :(

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Overall, the NF Concert was really dope and if a new NF album drops sometime in my lifetime, I will definitely go to an NF concert again.

And now, I will continue listening to NF and you should too. Thank you for reading! ❤️

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