Hello, my name is Benjamin...

general 11-08-2023

Hey! 👋 I don’t know how you found this, but still, welcome to my little place on the internet!

I’m Benjamin as you might have guessed, and I write stuff. Sometimes it’s software and other times it’s devotions, short texts and poetry for awesomeBible.

That’s me and my nephew 😍:

Another kind of important fact about me: I’m a Christian. I believe that I am a nobody and I can’t live without the mad Grace of God.

My interests include photography (some of my photos you can find on here), self-hosting and server administration, web development and open source software in general. By the way, this blog is also open source - built with Astro.

If you want to contact me for some reason, you can find my contact information on the About page. Also, if you are searching for the old blog posts that I’ve written, take a look here.

Thank you for reading this and have an amazing day!

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I'm a Christian still in awe of God's Grace. I sometimes write essays and software. I also occasionally take photos.

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